2019: LP‘ll Field A Credible Presidential Candidate

The National Chairman of Labour Party, Dr Mike Omotosho has said the party would in 2019 field a very credible people’s centric candidate as presidential flag bearer.

Omotosho said the party will not adopt a presidential candidate the way it has been doing in the past because there is an ideology that the party is now working with. He said if there is any need to work with another presidential candidate, it is not about labour party winning but about the people the people.

According to Omotosho who spoke to journalists in Abuja, once the party is able to see or identify a credible candidate it will set them up from the beginning now so that together the structure of the party will be built.

“Defectors will not be allowed into labour party this time around. We want people that can stay with us, build the structures with us and hopefully win and when they win the chances of defecting will be slim if not brought down to zero. If you are part of building a house, the chances of you pulling down that house will be very slim but if you are there to rent, you can do whatever you want to do. So we are not going to be available as a platform for defectors anymore.

“So come in now, and this is an opportunity for credible candidates and aspirants to rather come in, join the party and build the party of our future together and have that desired nation that we all pray for.

“We are already thinking towards 2019 and developing people-centric strategies that galvanize us into a strong party that will bring about the much-needed revolution in these hopeless times and we will not be deterred,” Omotosho added.

He similarly said the two major political parties, PDP and APC have in one way or the failed the country while saying that labour party has come not as an opposition but as the most dominant alternative that will provide the right kind of thinking for a desired future.

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